„This is what gives AI much of its power: It can discover connections in the data that would be more complicated or nuanced than a human would find. But this complexity also means that the reason the software reaches any particular conclusion is often largely opaque, even to its own creators. For software makers hoping to sell AI systems, this lack of clarity can be bad for business. It’s hard for humans to trust a system they can’t understand – and without trust, organizations won’t pony up big bucks for AI software.

This is especially true in fields such as health care, finance and law enforcement, where the consequences of a bad recommendation are more substiantial that, say, that time Netflix thought you might enjoy watching The Hangover Part III.“

– Blake Schmidt, with Shawn Donnan, Jenny Leonard, Kevin Hamlin, Miao Han and David Tweed, Bloomberg Businessweek, Seite 24/25, 17. Dezember 2018

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